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As an artist my goal is simple: I want to create unique and high-quality paintings. In a time where a lot of consumer products are mass-produced and subject to efficiency, I have chosen a different route. 

I love working with my hands and creating something new. Because nothing compares to a unique piece of art. That is why, from canvas to underframe, everything is custom and handmade. I combine modern materials with old-school techniques, which gives my work a very traditional quality.  

I have specialized in painting all kinds of cars. From modern supercars to legendary classics. Oldtimers and youngtimers, roadcars and racers. My style is realistic and I am always finding a way to be better at what I do. My work is characterized by my attention to the smallest details, especially reflections in chrome parts. Through thorough studying of my subject, everything in the painting is proportioned with precision. Even seemingly random paint splatters in the background are carefully planned. So that in the end, it all comes together to accentuate what it is really about: the car.

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A short story about me, the painter

I'm a 23 years old self-taught artist from Slovenia who got to where she is with only a lot of hard work and quite a few failed painting attempts. I've never taken any art classes or anything like that, but art and cars have been a part of my life ever since I can remember and in 2016 I finally found a way to somehow put two of my biggest passions together

And that's how realistic car painting was born, a few years after the first car drawing. Firstly, my style was drawing black and white cars with pencils on paper, then I got to markers on paper, I did a few colorful ones in between as well, and in 2018 I finished my first ever acryl painting on canvas which was then the only style I've kept doing. In 2020 I've finished my first huge oil painting and I haven't looked back since that. I've realized that oil paint can be a lot more complicated to work with because, one wrong move and if two colors mix, you have nothing else to do than to just give it time and wait for it to finally dry and then start all over. 

Painting cars just always felt like a dream job and, even though I've hurt my right hand in 2017 so much that I had no idea I'd be able to ever draw cars again, that's when my passion and love for cars really showed. I've kept drawing and I've even started painting just to show myself I can and will do it. The first painting I've ever painted was the one of Mercedes CLA. It took me almost a year to finish it because I had to give my hand some rest in between as well, and it's the only painting that will never be for sale. It's the only painting I keep in my room and it's gonna stay like that forever.

Even though my hand will never be the same again, I'll keep doing what I am, and I'll keep getting better and better at painting and I truly can't wait to see how many masterpieces are still going to be "born" through the years.

Why have a custom painting made?

Having a painting tailor-made just for you, gives the artwork an entirely new dimension. It's not only about the cratfsmanship that goes onto the canvas, it's also about the emotion

As an autotmotive artist, I love working on commissions. When you ask a specialized artist to paint your car, there is always a story behind it. I love the challenge of translating the energy of your car into a painting. To capture the car's character in a unique automotive portrait.

Every painting that comes from my studio is of the highest quality. On the Commisson Paintings page you can read more about my process. Discover just how much work goes into creating a painting just for you.

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